We will increase the efficiency of the design and construction organization
Due to complex configuration and optimization of routine processes
Suitable for whom?
Small and medium-sized businesses
Design and construction organizations up to 100 people
Annual revenue from 100 to 300 million/rub per year
What problems does our product solve?
Systematization of all necessary documentation
Monitoring the location and condition of the equipment
Weekly task planning for each employee
Debugged and automated management accounting
Directory of the organization with clear instructions and descriptions of business processes
Solving personnel issues through HR support
Our product includes 10 separate modules integrated and synchronized with each other so that all routine processes within the organization are carried out quickly and without unnecessary interference from management.
What does it include?
Module 1
Advertising campaign and attracting orders
Module 2
Implementation of the organization's Knowledge Base
Module 3
Employee recruitment system
Module 4
Implementation of planning and project management system of hiring employees
Module 5
Accounting of the organization's equipment by QR codes
Module 6
QR coding of drawings to control the relevance of ISMS
Module 7
Organization's information cabinet
Module 8
Management accounting and financial reporting system
Module 9
Configuring Secure Cloud File Storage
Module 10
Engineering service for rent
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comprehensive optimization and configuration of business processes in your organization
Completed objects
  • Module 3. Building an employee recruitment system
  • Module 9. Configuring Secure Cloud File Storage
Embedded modules:
  • Module 1 Advertising campaign and Lead attraction
  • Module 2 Implementation of the organization's knowledge base on the Wiki platform on the organization's domain
  • Module 9 Configuring Secure Cloud File Storage
Embedded modules:
  • Module 5 Accounting of the organization's equipment by QR codes
  • Module 7 Information cabinet of the organization
  • Module 8 Implementation of the management accounting and financial reporting system
Embedded modules:
"Module 3 - We used to use one well-known cloud storage. All the documents were in the project folder, and the accountant and foreman worked and saw the same documents. Not all documents could be uploaded to the cloud in a timely manner, and e-mail was used a lot. We implemented Seafile - it seems to be the same thing, only now we have separated commercial documents and working documents. It became calmer.

Module 9 - Recruiters do not need to explain anything, they understand the specifics of the work of our employees, plus they already have ready-made questionnaires and developments. I just called, told who I needed - and in a couple of days candidates are already coming for an interview. Saved us a huge amount of time on search and selection. "
Director Yuri Languev
"Module 1 - always worked by word of mouth. Many times they wanted to make a website, but they received a lot of questions from programmers, and the price tag “bit". And also marketers and programmers requested a lot of meetings, in general, it was not up to work. Here we were presented with a ready-made solution, I can't say that there are a lot of applications, there are.

Module 2 - In principle, over 19 years of work, we have accumulated a lot of templates, examples of nodes, developments. They were scattered on flash drives, disks, and so on. It was difficult to search. The wiki managed to systematize it in one place. Well, plus - it works fast.

Module 3 - Finally, all documents are at hand, on the phone and you can share documents. And I am also glad that seafile works on our server."
Project Manager Alexey Shelpakov
LLC “Architect”
"We work with government customers. and, accordingly, we write a lot of official letters. Finally, the service has put the outgoing emails in order.
In addition, there is a lot of equipment in our organization, an inventory was carried out, a QR code was pasted. Now the foremen know who to call, who has the equipment. The service is simple - nothing superfluous.

Well, and ingeniously and simply - unique codes in payment orders. Now let's not forget which object the materials were written off to."
Director Maxim Sergeevich Selyunin
About the company
GIP GROUP has been performing the functions of a technical customer, general designer and developer of sections of project documentation for more than 15 years

Currently, GHP GROUP is working on large facilities throughout Russia in the field of housing, public-business and industrial construction.

We have accumulated vast experience, having completed more than 600 projects of varying degrees of complexity and collected more than 3000 pages of the Knowledge Base.
A total of 658 projects were completed by August 01, 2023, including 88 projects of varying complexity completed during the year.
In 2020-2023, 1,547 pages of the knowledge base were prepared, including 589 instructions, 556 business process, 190 checklists, the rest is background information.
The organization's revenue for 2019 is 32.5 million rubles; for 2020. — 49.8 million rubles; for 2021. - 62.2 million rubles; for 2022. - 73.5 million rubles.
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We train the responsible person and show how everything works
Our solution works on the basis of GiP GROUP's own developments and on the basis of the most advanced open source platforms
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